Let's create a day
like no other

A magnificent venue

Provence is overflown with prestigious dwellings. Just close your eyes and follow your dreams…

Are you imagining a wedding by the seashore? Or above a vineyard? Or an impressive castle or maybe a charming “Bastide”?
If you are longing for an unforgettable experience, Marion has the keys to open the doors to some iconic venues.

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The best of the best

You might be craving for astonishing canapés and gastronomic platters, vintage wine or endless Champagne supply, a&nbsphigh rise wedding cake or a revisited croque-en-bouche (fancy macaroons ladies?)… Unless you are leaning more towards a rustic banquet or a picnic sheltered by the shade of a hundred year old plane tree?

amuse bouche

Each Chef that we will propose to you works with&nbspthe finest fresh and seasonal products.

How do we make everything absolutely perfect?

With an iron fist in a velvet glove we simply ally French and&nbspinternational craftsmen.


A patio full of wildflowers, pillows and summer throws for you to lounge on, perhaps with a&nbspProvencal delicacies bar at disposal.

Decoration and flowers

Our suppliers speak the language of flowers or can in a heartbeat light up your evening according to&nbspeach venue’s specific potential.


Whether it is a jazz band, an opera singer, a quartet or a DJ, the music will transport your guests into whichever ambiance you fancy all night long.

Photo & Video

Each artist has his style and universe that will paint your memories like a unique masterpiece. Let’s find the perfect match for you!

Enchanted transportation

Close your eyes and tell us what you see… A yacht, a&nbspvintage car, a helicopter?

The wedding dress

Either a renowned or a more confidential designer, it&nbspwill be exactly what you had in mind. Even better.


Let's imagine your day