Feel free ...
To imagine it all. To enjoy every part. To see life to the fullest.


When the possibilities are endless, allow yourself to be led by a lucky star…

Let us be your guide. Beyond organizing a wedding, our mission is to make every single detail come to real life so this day will be the mirror image of your couple and what makes it so unique and special.

The creation: before the big day

We will start with a first encounter during which we will expose to you all possible outlines that we can work from. As we progress along in exchanging ideas, we will narrow down each aspect until we get the full and clear picture of your wedding. Whether it is the venue, the musical program or the general timeline, we will make your ideal dream day a reality just the way you had always imagined it.

This first visit in Provence by your side we already foresee it as a beautiful moment. The bride and groom will already have a taste of the French “art de vivre” with wine tours, caterers’ tastings…

" Whatever we do, we do it precisely and pay attention to the finest detail "

#1 Providers selection

Venue, caterer, scenographer, photographer… from the first quote to the final choice.

#2 Planning the D-day

Simply create your perfect wedding.

#3 Private concierge service

For you and your guests.

#4 Floor plan & logistic

Anticipating every single detail of the day, to the tiniest one.

#5 Set up supervision

For all tents to be in the right spot, the lighting set up to the best angle and the decoration perfectly outlined…

#6 Coordination on the D-day

So everything runs smoothly.

#7 Contingencies management

A veil swept away by the wind or an important guest is delayed? We have got you covered.

It is up to us to make that day a reality whether it is by organizing it completely or partially. On the D-day, we orchestrate each aspect so you can live your perfect fairy tale day.


The packages

A tailor-made wedding

We can take over the entire organization of the event, or you can choose to only get our help for some specific elements of the logistics. With our "à la carte" option, you are the conductor. We provide tailormade quotes according to your wants & needs.

We determine our fees from the beginning of our partnership and only in regards of the number of hours needed for the organisation and logistics required. It will never be corelated to the venue or the chosen caterer as we make it a point of honour not to take any commission and remain fully transparent with you throughout the whole process.

We will manage to give you a first estimated quote from our first exchange.


Let’s imagine the wedding
you did not even dare to dream of