Love is in the air

Organisation diner de mariage

The art of sharing

Love is one of the most intimate and personal feeling. Celebrating it, moreover with dozens of people can almost be considered to be an achievement in itself. With each wedding, we create the perfect scenario to make sure this magic comes to reality.


Your couple, your universe

We had these shrubs specially trimmed for a French & Australian union. We also managed to get a double decker English bus, a&nbspvery French retro music band and many other types of unusual surprises. Our strength is having the ability to imagine a unique day, completely tailored made according to what defines you as a couple, your memories, your personalities and what touches your souls.

Marion Anne Roche, wedding planner

Marion Roche

Provencal wedding expert

Marion knows exactly which time of year you will get lavender at its full potential. Why? Simply because she was born here. Wine makers on her father’s side and luxury caterers on her mother’s side, her legacy makes for the perfect combination of gastronomic delicacies and high standard happenings. She worked as an event planner in London, Shanghai and Dubai in some of the most scrumptious palaces including six years within the Marriott family. She keeps on sharing her wisdom with aesthetes all over the world that fantasize about the singular elegance of Provence for the most beautiful day of their lives.

Three other languages spoken to reach out to the entire world English, 中文, deutsch...


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Our commitments

Doing things right


Please be yourselves

We do not have any exclusive contracts with anyone. Therefore we will find you the florist, caterer or photographer that is the right match for your own expectations.


Transparent fees

We do not take commissions on any of the offered services. Our wages are completely independent from the choices you will make, which means that we have no interest in having you pick the most expensive options.



Always have a plan B. Creating a strong bond with all family members. Being able to point out from a map which areas will be sunny or shady to avoid an overheating crowd. It is with an impeccable preparation that we can guarantee a magnificent day.

"Live every moment like a celebration"