Mrs Wilkinson

Dear Marion
Excuse the delay: I only waved off the last guest yesterday afternoon and
then collapsed by the pool to recover!
We both want to thank you for your wonderful work to make this wedding
weekend the success it was. Your calm management of the whole process,
attention to detail, patience and tireless work over the days of the event
itself have all been invaluable. I cannot imagine how we could have done
this without you!
Thank you again, and I will send a separate endorsement for you to use as
you wish.
With best wishes



Mrs Wilkinson

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Su and Michael

The grand task of organising a destination wedding hadn’t really dawned upon us until several months before the wedding day. If it wasn’t for Marion keeping us in check, we probably would’ve had our guests sat on the grass, eating with their fingers!


The guidance that Marion gave from the very beginning meant that we were constently progressing with the organisation, and her expertise on weddings and knowledge of suppliers in the south of France meant that we were always being led in the right direction.


Marion’s ability to materialise all our wishes was truly incredible, and we discovered this most notably on the days leading up to our wedding day. When all these lovely pieces of furniture would appear arranged in the perfect formation with magical garlands of light rising above them, we began to realise that all that we had wished for at our wedding was really coming true. We had planned for post wedding brunch and pool party the next day too, which Marion efficiently helped to organise without any trouble at all. 


The constant sense of calm that Marion radiated was reassuring beyond belief. In the lead up to the wedding day and the day itself, Marion’s professionalism was undeterred even by the unbelievable heatwave that made it unbearable to be outside. She of course, was working outside, quietly managing all the supplier deliveries. In addition to this, Marion took care of the smallest details too, which made the biggest difference; one example was purchasing ninety eight small water sprays (at last minute) for our guests so that they wouldn’t overheat in the heatwave.


Thank you Marion for truly making our wedding the most happiest day of our lives. As one of our groomsmen said: “We all need a Marion in our lives”.  It’s true. 



Su and Michael

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Justine et Umberto

Résidants à Milan, nous avons décidé de faire appel à un wedding planner pour notre mariage en Provence afin de nous aider dans le choix et les préparatifs avec les différents prestataires sur place n’ayant que 6 mois à disposition avant la date J.

Marion a été dès nos premiers échanges très disponible et de grande confiance. Elle a toujours été à notre écoute et nous a secondé avec patience pour concrétiser nos envies. Nous pouvons même dire qu’elle a été au-delà de l’organisation partielle que nous lui avions confiée.

Son grand calme et son organisation sans faille très détaillée (j’adore ses tableaux excel, planning) nous ont permis de profiter pleinement de nos convives mais aussi de vivre sereinement chaque instant le jour de notre mariage. Plus nous repensons aujourd’hui à cette journée, plus nous sommes heureux de notre choix et d’avoir surtout rencontré et fait appel à Marion de Provence Weddings.

Encore un grand merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous et votre soutien. Nous garderons de beaux souvenirs à jamais ! »


11 août 2018


Justine et Umberto

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Carole et Damien

Salut Marion,


Avec beaucoup de retard, nous souhaitions t’envoyer un petit mot pour te remercier à nouveau pour ton aide précieuse et ton travail de qualité.


La journée s’est déroulée avec succès et nous avons pu en profiter au maximum. C’est déjà passé tellement vite, nous ne savons pas comment font les gens qui se marient sans une Marion à leurs côtés!

Et bien évidemment sans ta gestion impeccable de “l’incident” pendant la cérémonie religieuse, nous allions à la catastrophe! Tu as vraiment sauvé la journée! 


Nous sommes très heureux de t’avoir fait confiance. Nous espérons te voir très bientôt à Cairanne ou ailleurs!


Belle saison 2018!



Carole et Damien

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Aurélia and Ben


Thank you for being the most incredible planner for our Provence wedding at La Tour Vaucros in June – as a busy couple based in London, we really couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve already recommended you to friends planning Provence weddings in 2019/20!

Whilst you ran the day seamlessly, we wanted to highlight and thank you for all the preparation in the months beforehand that kept us stress-free and able to arrange the perfect celebration for us.

Firstly the organisation to make the most of our supplier visits meant we packed a great deal in and only needed to travel a couple of times. Having local knowledge of which suppliers have worked at our venue and with one another before, and even knowing which have just recently changed owner so to be wary of!

Coming from a family of winemakers proved to be extremely valuable when recommending us local producers at the best prices, your Dad’s favourite champagne was a hit and your choice of Rose went down a storm!

We felt you really got to understand our tastes & ideas early on such that every option you provided was a good one, cutting down the time we had to discuss and debate suppliers.

The notes (& photos!)  you took in every meeting meant that when we got back home after a whirlwind tour we could easily discuss the nuances of the menu, flowers, lighting, seating etc – all things that without notes would have easily become blurred.

Nothing ever seemed too much of a bother for you and for that we’re truly thankful, even going the extra mile(s) when we couldn’t arrange the champagne delivery.

Things that wouldn’t have even occurred to us (where will the sun be for the 5.30pm ceremony?) were second nature to you, which must have been why we’ve had so much great feedback from friends & family.

We couldn’t have done it without you and have not hesitated to recommend our friends get in touch.


London, 2018

Aurélia and Ben

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Sylvine et Frédéric

Chère Marion,

Nos très sincères remerciements pour votre implication personnelle sans faille dans l’organisation de notre mariage. Vous portez une très grande partie de sa réussite !

Bien amicalement,



Un grand merci Marion, vous avez été Top du début à la fin !




Sylvine et Frédéric

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Julia and Oli

Hi Marion,


Sorry it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of things happening ever since the wedding, it’s been difficult to find the time to write any emails properly! Hope you’re well and recovered from our wedding, it was really truly fabulous and we have been getting all sorts of great comments from guests who really enjoyed themselves and thought it was the best wedding they’ve been invited to.



Being half-French and not living in France, it was important to find a bilingual planner who could talk to both me, the vendors and my now husband who doesn’t speak any French. Marion was the perfect bridge between everyone in the run-up to the wedding, she was vital with locating and organising the various providers for the day, and especially taking away the pressures from organising the celebration on the day. She is incredibly friendly and we really trusted her to be in control of the finer details of the wedding that can easily slip the mind – we were often remarking to ourselves of how glad we hired her and that she was always so on top of things. Without Marion, the day would not have been the success it was!



We’re off to the Maldives tomorrow so won’t be in contact very much…! Hope all is well with you and we honestly can’t thank you enough for your help for our wedding 


All the best,



Julia and Oli

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Rene and Anthony

We hope all is well in Provence. I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since we’re back. It’s crazy how time flies so quickly! And we miss Provence!

Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this wedding so special — not only for us but also for our families.

Despite the weather, everything worked out well. Everyone had a really great time, and for us, this is clearly a moment that we will remember for the rest of our life.

We were extremely lucky to have you not only as a friend but also as our wedding planner. We could not have done this project without you.

You are definitely someone tailored for the role with very strong soft skills and many qualities:

  • You are a very positive person and great at building relationships.
  • The level of professionalism was beyond what we expected. We truly appreciated the follow-ups, attention to details, and overall management of our expectations.
  • You are very resourceful and have great suggestions when it comes to vendors and suppliers. Even with our budget constraints, you managed to source for the best options.
  • We see you really go out of your way to cater to our needs and we are sincerely grateful for the effort that you put in for this wedding.

Thank you for putting your heart to organise this wedding. We feel really proud to count you as a friend and are more than happy to recommend your services in the future.


Singapore 06/05/2017

Rene and Anthony

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